On Social Acceptance.

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

The biological definition of humans under the term “social animals” echoes the importance of our social relationships and their significance on our sanity, so ordinarily one would be pardoned to seek a life of societal stability over anything else. Alas, due to that motive, over the span of many years, we become confined under a plethora of inexplicable social regulations and limitations that are contrived upon us to ensure one would be able to maintain a status of being normal, unfreaky and reasonably okay, to achieve the eternally longed-for social acceptance.

Consequently, we avoid practicing our true selves or speaking our minds to sustain being accepted by our fellow mates and neighbors, so we preferably wear a mask, hiding beneath it a collage of thoughts, dreams and feelings that would otherwise be regarded as blemished by our harsh cultural standards. The price of this coveted acceptance is paid for by our overall well-being and happiness.

We have all heard the notorious phrase by the poet Oscar Wilde, "Be yourself because everybody else is already taken" Mr. Wilde wasn't the first one to impulse the amputation of the "mask", rather such task has been urged for since humans began to use the means of communication. But alas, none of those who tried had prevailed over the deceitfully pleasant and seemingly calm existence provided by the disguise. For a sum of individuals, the mask is what sustains their state of being or rather the persona that they aim to draw, for such folks, being whom they truthfully are will render their presence puerile and leave them alone for the reminder of their existence, or so they think.

Through psychological analysis and scientific approaches, Homo-sapiens are accredited to be profoundly skillful at contradicting their actions and thoughts. For along with some hiding their true identities under a pretentious masquerade, they continue to strive to portray a form negligence to people’s opinions, with some even attempting to stand supercilious to others and uncaring toward their acceptance—the one they passionately and recklessly long for. And its here that one would ponder an interesting inquiry; If we truly are sovereign and seemingly unrestricted by the cultural standard, why do we elect to carry an erroneous and forged life over a factual and real one?

Preceding an in-depth evaluation, a sensible answer would surface. The preference of opting for the conventional mask over our true identity comes as a defensive mechanism from the labels we so often attach to one another. We might abhor the mask, but we loathe the revolting terms that would shadow any action that could provoke change or a feat that would challenge the cultural norms even more.

From the girl with more friends from the differing gender to her own to be a "slut", to the guy who's over eighteen and still enjoys an anime show to be an "immature" folk, or to the one who still nurture romanticism in his relationship to be considered as "frail" or "unmanly", the unfounded judgements have swayed any and all opportunities for one to express themselves freely.

Therefore, one can be excused to elect the use of the fake, yet accepted personas, to escape the belittlement and humiliation we would encounter if we were to practice our true selves. Alas, however, even with the mask, we are still under siege by people's criticisms, simply because nothing can truly cease people's ability to hate, attack and exhibit disapproval to anything or anyone.

The struggle of balancing a life in which a real identity and a social stability co-exist has become nearly impossible in our era; it has become a daily occurrence to witness a group of youths lacking determination, drives and an overall strive for greatness, with their only goal being overwhelming wealth and nothing more outside of that which the culture considers feasible.

To be socially accepted, prioritization of currency in our lives is paramount . Hence, we have lost the creativity of our minds. The revolting terms had driven many people to a dark place, where most dreams have died.

However, none of us need a foreigner to enlighten us of our gifted greatness or beautifulness; we are all alluring in differing ways. If you are a believer of god, then you should know that he created seven billion people because he gifted each with an aptitude, because if it weren't, he would have been satisfied with a single, solitary human. Or if you are a secular thinker, you should be confident that we evolved to be different, it's the way life was meant to be.

Live the life you were destined, for you are the only one capable of doing so, realize that if you don't acknowledge your beautifulness and elegance by your own will, you can never comprehend it through groundless acceptance. Keep fighting in this war of survival, keep fighting for your dreams and visions, because if you follow the crowd, who would remember you? If you surrender and give up, who will make your dream a reality?

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