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A great read, as we have experienced, breeds a great write. Books are the source of notions and wisdom, and for years, we have cultivated the understanding of dozens of titles to enhance our knowledge and expand our imagination. As a result, we are able to recall countless nights where we forwent sleep to crunch the pages of a great novel, and days of anguishing regret due to the purchase of a weak book.


Nonetheless, it is also a great way for us to remain in touch with you! 

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Beige and Blue

Sara Badawieh

My primary disengagement from the book was due to the unrealistic build of both the characters and their emotional dynamic. Alas, I am unable to provide examples to avoid spoilers... 


2 out of 5

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Turtles All The Way Down

John Green

The revelation of the author's motivation behind the title was one of the few moments that will remain forever so memorable. Turtles All The Way Down commands respect for the perspective it shined on mental disorder, especially from the lens of romance.


4 out of 5

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