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It is not an easy feat to learn a new language, let alone a complex one like Arabic. That begs the question: is it worth it? My answer, albeit a bias one, is: Of course it is! From literally strengthening your brain and enhancing your job search prospect to becoming more culturally aware and adding more meaning and enjoynment to your life, learning a language can have financial, psychological, and social benefits. Most Importantly, it protects you from getting ripped off by Taxi Drivers when your travel to the Middle East! Scroll Down to learn more about me, potentially your future tutor, and about the rates and any other questions! Prices range from 30$-40$, depending on location and time

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My Story

Hamza was born in Jordan, where he lived for the first 18 years of his life, before deciding to move to the United States to pursue his education. After earning his Bachelor’s in psychology from Amherst College, Hamza worked at McLean Hospital, a mental hospital dedicated to ameliorating the suffering of the mentally ill. While harboring strong interest in academic rigor, Hamza also deeply values incorporating social emotional learning in his teaching methodology. As such, tailoring his teaching style for each student’s unique psychological temperament, interests, and ambitions, captures the essence of Hamza’s approach to teaching. Hamza taught Arabic to beginner and advanced Arabic learners for more than six years. As a teacher, Hamza dedicates great effort to involving cultural learning to his lessons, believing that to learn a language is inextricably linked to learning about its culture. As such, Hamza will go over and beyond with recommendation, and even having first sessions at a Middle Eastern restaurant to discuss teaching methodology and more! 

Expectedly, Hamza’s library is saturated with works of both fiction and non-fiction that tackle crucial psychological—and philosophical—questions. One of those questions revolves around the notion of self-expression. Linguistic expression, Hamza fervently believes, is one of the most effective—and cathartic— ways one can express themselves (hence his appreciation for languages). 

Apart from academia, Hamza loves everything about athleticism, dogs, Marvel (specifically Thanos), Dragon Ball, Muhammad Ali, and food, provided it’s not spicy.


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