Hey! So Glad You're Here.

People often associate writers to be smarter, brighter, and charmer than the rest, which is untrue. The two names behind Keen Thoughts are merely two youths, whose lives have brought them suffering due to their questioning the morals and ideas of an otherwise gloomy culture.

We are two Arabian writers whose inquisitiveness and, alas, social exclusion have led them to question the very nature of themselves and the culture they grew up in.

During that ambivalent discovery, we have come to two conclusions: one, it is not in our best interest, nor it is for our ambitions to solidify our roots and to nurture our minds in our beloved countries; thus, we both, Mustafa And Hamza, after careful consideration and sad realization, decided to immigrate to countries where people are, relatively speaking, judged by their respect for human dignity, freedom, and intellect. Second, our ideas—that mostly contradict and vigorously attack cultural and social norms—need be expressed and reviewed through a safe and constructive platform, a sanctuary, where we project our tentative observations regarding culture, relationships, and emotional intelligence.

Our goal here, as secular humanists, is clear: we want to raise awareness and highlight issues that concern and regard both Western and Arabian cultures using analytical research, experiences, and most viciously and significantly, an open mind. Further, we try to grapple with the perplexing relationships that we have with both ourselves and with the other sophisticated creatures, human beings.